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Halcyon Days Music contains a collection of Early American Music and Vintage Songs from the early 1900s, 1910s and 1920s.

Our archive of vintage music contains a wide assortment of Early American Music and Popular Songs in MIDI music format which you can download and listen to on your computer at home. Each vintage song is accompanied with its vintage sheet music cover and music lyrics.



Year 1921

Words by Benny Davis
Music by Arnold Johnson

Leo Feist Inc.
New York

  First Verse
Sweetheart ever since you went away, Seems that all my dreams have gone astray, I miss your smiling face, I miss your fond embrace; I hope you miss me too, I love you:

Second Verse
I received a letter yesterday From my little sweetheart far away, She's awf'ly lonesome too, I know just what I'll do, I'll answer right away, and I'll say:

Sweetheart, I'm longing for you, Nothing's been right since we parted, Swetheart, forgive me, please do, Let's be the same as when we started; I'm wrong and I've learned my lesson, Somehow I need sympathy, so, Sweetheart, we never will part If you will come back to me.


Is There Still Room For Me Neath The Old Apple Tree

Is There Still Room For Me Neath The Old Apple Tree

Year 1915

By Edgar Leslie, Lew Brown and Maurice Abrahams

Kalmar Puck and Abrahams
1570 Broadway
New York

  First Verse
Hello there long distance, please don't make me wait in vain I asked you to connect me with a homestead down in Maine. I hate to hold the wire, don't get mad if I complain I long to hear my sweetheart's voice again, Oh, hello dear, yes, this is me, I'm many miles away, I'm lonesome and I just called up to say.

Second Verse
Listen operator, what's the matter with this phone It seems to me you never had a sweetheart of your own. You say there's wire trouble and you've got the numbers mixed Well, hurry up and get the wires fixed. Is that you dear? yes I can hear, they cut us off somehow, I'm waiting and I want your asnwer now.

s there still room for me 'neath the old apple tree Where there once was a bench for two Oh, that bench wasn't long And you know it wasn't strong When I sat there with you. I've got fare back to Maine And I'll jump on a train If your heart beats as fond and as true Is there still room for me 'neath the old apple tree If there is I'll come back to you.


My Sweetie

My Sweetie

Year 1917

By Irving Berlin

Waterson, Berlin and Snyder Co.
Strand Theatre Building
Broadway at 47th Street
New York

  First Verse
I never felt so happy before, A little rascal knocked at my door; It's Cupide that I'm speaking of, I'm in love, So in love; I must confess that right from the start; I went and lost my heart.

Second Verse
You've seen an exhibition where they, Charge you a large admission to stay; I mean the paintings that they show, Fine, I know, But don't go; I've got a picture and it's a treat; You needn't buy a seat.

Looking so dreamy at my sweetie, Feeling so terribly proud; She makes a specialty, Of looking good to me, She ought to be right in Tiffany's window, She's a jewel, I know that you'll agree. Wait till I'm married to my sweetie, How happy I'll be; I've got the bungalow paid for, I've had it 'speacilly made for; My sweetie, Sweetie, eetie, eetie; My sweetie and me.


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