A collection of fiddle tunes from the American Revolution period in MIDI music format. This collection features minuets, country dances, marches and airs, and song tunes from the personal notebook of a certain Captain George Bush, an officer in George Washington's army. Below are 54 individual MIDI file renditions of these fiddle tunes for your listening pleasure. This collection of Colonial music comes from an actual book entitled "Fiddle Tunes From The American Revolution" which contains the actual sheet music of which these songs were transcribed from. If you are interested in obtaining this book, please be sure to visit "The Colonial Dancing Master" Web Site. If you should have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Enjoy the old time fiddle music!

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Congress Minuet
Sir Charles Sedley's Minuet
Miss Hedges' Minuet
Martini's Minuet
Marshall Saxe's Minuet
Bath Minuet
Geminiani's Minuet
Lady Mary Powis's Minuet
Mr. Pitt's Minuet
Lord Hobard's Minuet
Aueretti's Minuet

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