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Alexander Cochrane
Dedicated to Alexander Cochrane

Hello everyone! My name is Colin, owner and Webmaster of the Halcyon Days Music Web Site. I hope you are enjoying your visit to my site. The main purpose of Halcyon Days Music, is the preservation of Early American Music, so that our musical heritage will never be forgotten, and for past, present and future generations to enjoy music of yesteryear. If you're like me, you'll agree that most of today's music is plain awful! It is the melodies and lyrics of the early songs that captures my interest. I hope to create continual additions of MIDI music to Halcyon Days Music throughout the future and build a huge repository of these musical gems for you to download and enjoy listening to! All the MIDI files that you are listening to on my site were created by me. I am quite new to the world of composing MIDI music, so if there are any suggestions on how to improve upon these MIDI tunes, please let me know! Currently I am using a program called Noteworthy Composer to create these MIDI tunes. I am comfortable with this program because it is similar to an old music editing program I used in the past, called the SID Editor, which I used on the old Commodore 64 computer. If you would like to be informed by E-mail of when there are new additions of songs added to my site, please be sure to join my mailing list by contacting me.

I have dedicated Halcyon Days Music to the memory of my Scottish Grandfather, Alexander Cochrane, who played tenor banjo in a dance band for social events on a rubber plantation estate in Malaya during the late 1920s.

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