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From time to time we receive messages from our Web Site visitors who are looking to sell their Vintage Sheet Music pieces. While at the moment we are not interested in making purchases - we are however interested in promoting and making sales for your Vintage Sheet Music pieces.

Do you have any high quality Vintage Sheet Music pieces that you would like to sell?

If so, please let us know more details about the Vintage Sheet Music piece - i.e. Song Title, Featured Musician or Singer, Year Published, Publisher, Condition of Sheet Music, and your Asking Price for the sheet music.

What we can do here on our end is create a dedicated web page here on our Halcyon Days Music web site. The dedicated web page will promote Vintage Sheet Music piece or pieces you have for sale.

Please take a look at this sample sheet music web page to get an idea of how your dedicated Vintage Sheet Music web page can look like. You just need to provide us with details about the vintage sheet music piece you have for sale, and an image file.

We would only request a very reasonable price for our time in creating and setting up the dedicated web page.

If this sounds of interest to you, please be sure to contact us with more information about the vintage sheet music piece of collection that you would like to sell.

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