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YEAR 1910
Good Bye Rose
My American Beauty Rose
My Ever Loving Southern Gal
Russian Pony Rag (A Syncopated Prance)
Sugar Moon
Tanglefoot Rag
When The Old Oaken Bucket Was New
Who Are You With Tonight?

YEAR 1911
A Girlie Was Just Made To Love
Another Rag
Billy I Always Dream Of Bill
Fairy Moon
I Miss You Honey, Miss You All The Time
Killarney, My Home O'er The Sea
Leave Me With A Smile
There's A Girl In Havana
When I Dream Of Home And Mother And Of You

YEAR 1912
At The Gate Of The Palace Of Dreams
Climb A Tree With Me
Come Back To Playland With Me
Don't Forget Old Dixie Land
Don't You Worry Dearie
Everybody Two Step
I Want Someone Who Hasn't Anyone To Love
My Little Persian Rose
New Orleans
Next Sunday At Nine or Dearie Won't You Call Me Dearie
Some Boy
That's How I Need You
The Green Grass Grew All Around
The Greyhound March
When I Dream Of Old Erin
When The Twilight Comes To Kiss The Rose Goodnight
Why Did You Make Me Care

YEAR 1913
Fair Hawaii
Floating Down The River
Goodbye Little Girl Of My Dreams
I'm Going Back To Carolina
I'm Going Back To Louisiana
I'm On My Way To Mandalay
If I Had My Way
It Takes A Little Rain With The Sunshine To Make The World Go Round
La Mode Tango Time
My Honeymoon Man
My Lonely Lola Lo In Hawaii
The Curse Of An Aching Heart
The Little Church Around The Corner
The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
Then I'll Stop Loving You
There's A Girl In Arizona
When The Turkey In The Straw Danced The Chicken Reel
Where Did You Get That Girl?
You Broke My Heart To Pass The Time Away
You're A Great Big Blue Eyed Baby
You're The Same Old Girl
Zis For You, Zat For You

YEAR 1914
At The Million Dollar Tango Ball
Back Back Back To Indiana
Back To The Carolina You Love
California And You
Everybody Rag With Me
I'd Like To Know What Happened To Mary
I'm Going To Let The Whole World Know I Love You
I'm The Guy That Paid The Rent For Mrs. Rip Van Winkle
In The Hills Of Old Kentucky
Just For Tonight
Meet Me In Bubble Land
Neptune's Daughter
Oh Mister Railroad Man Won't You Take Me Back To Alabam
One Wonderful Night
Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm
She's Dancing Her Heart Away
The Eyes Of The World
The Rose Of The Mountain Trail
Way Down In Tampa Bay
Weep No More My Lady
When You're A Long Long Way From Home
Where Is My Wandering Girl Tonight?
While The Stars In The Heavens Shine On
You're Always Welcome At Our House

YEAR 1915
America, I Love You
Are You From Dixie? 'Cause I'm From Dixie Too
Come Back Dixie
Down Among The Sheltering Palms
Down In Bom Bombay
Fatima Brown
Home Was Never Like This
If You Can't Get A Girl In The Summertime You'll Never Get A Girl At All
If You Only Had My Disposition
In Honolulu By The Sea
In The Heart Of The City That Has No Heart
In The Valley Of The Nile
Is There Still Room For Me Neath The Old Apple Tree
Just Try To Picture Me Back Home In Tennessee
My Bird Of Paradise (My Honolulu Girl)
My Little Dream Girl
My Little Girl
That Southern Hospitality
The Dream I Had Last Night
The Garden Of Allah By Moonlight - Fantasie For Piano
The Little House Upon The Hill
The Violet The Rose And You
There's A Little Lane Without A Turning
Under The Mellow Arabian Moon
We'll Have A Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home
When It's Moonlight On The Rio Grande
When Its Orange Blossom Time In Loveland
When You Were Queen Of The May
You'll Always Be The Same Sweet Girl
You'll Always Be The Same Sweet Girl

YEAR 1916
Arrah Go On I'm Gonna Go Back To Oregon
Come Back To Arizona
Come On To Nashville Tennessee
Down Honolulu Way
Down Where The Swanee River Flows
Erin Is Calling
Good Night
Harbor Of Dreams
Hula Lou
I Know I Got More Than My Share
I'll Wed The Girl I Left Behind
I'm Gonna Make Hay While The Sun Still Shines In Virginia
I've Lost You So Why Should I Care
In Florida Among The Palms
In Florida Among The Palms
Let's Have A Georgia Honeymoon
Long Live The Ladies
My Grandfather's Girl
Oh Joe, With Your Fiddle And Bow You Stole My Heart Away
On The Shore Of Samoa
On The South Sea Isle
Pretty Baby
See Dixie First
Shades Of Night
She's Dixie All The Time
Some Day I'll Make You Care
Sweetheart Time
That's What You Mean To Me
The Ashes Of My Heart
The Flowers Are Calling Sweetheart But I'm Longing Most Of All
The Letter That Never Reached Home
The Sweetest Melody Of All
There's A Quaker Down In Quaker Town
Those Good Old Days Back Home
Turn Back The Universe
Way Down In Iowa I'm Going To Hide Away
When The Sun Goes Down In Romany My Heart Goes Roaming Back To You
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula
You Can't Get Along With 'Em Or Without 'Em

YEAR 1917
All The World Will Be Jealous Of Me
America Here's My Boy
Cheer Up The Sun Will Soon Be Shining
Come Out Of The Kitchen Mary Ann
Dreamy Moon
Drowsy Waters
Eve Wasn't Modest Till She Ate That Apple
Far Away In Honolulu
From Here To Shanghai
Goodbye Dixie Lee
Hawaiian Butterfly
Huckleberry Finn
I Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm On My Way
I Have Come To Say Goodbye
I'm All Bound 'Round With The Mason Dixon Line
I've Got The Nicest Little Home in Dixie
If You Look Into Her Eyes
In San Domingo
In The Land O Yamo Yamo
Lookout Mountain
Lookout Mountain
My Cairo Maid
My Oriental Girl
My Sweet Egyptian Rose
My Sweetie
Never Forget To Write Home
Night Time In Little Italy
Oh Mr. Dream Man Please Let Me Dream Some More
Oh, What Wonderful Things One Little Girlie Can Do
Sentimental Oriental Nights
Southern Gals
Sweet Little Buttercup
The Garden In Our Back Yard
When It's Moonlight In Tokio
When The Yanks Come Marching Home
When Yankee Doodle Learns To Parlez Vous Francais
When You Waltz With The Girl You Love
Where Do We Go From Here
Where The Black Eyed Susans Grow
You're Some Pretty Doll

YEAR 1918
A Little Birch Canoe And You
Can You Tame Wild Wimmen
Down By The Millside Along The Hillside
Dry Your Tears
Have A Smile For Everyone You Meet And They Will Have A Smile For You
Holy Yumpin Yiminy
I Found The End Of
I Love The Whole United States
I'm Going To Climb The Blue Ridge Mountains Back To You
It's Never Too Late To Be Sorry
Jazzin' The Blues Away
Minnie Shimme For Me
My Hawaiian Rose
Not Yet
Oh! How I Wish I Could Sleep Until My Daddy Comes Home
Oh, Moon Of The Summer Night Tell My Mother Her Boy's All Right
Oriental Some Day In Araby
Out Of The East
Over There
So Long Sal The Best Of Friends Must Part
That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone
That's What The Read, White And Blue Means To Ev'ry True Heart In The USA
The Rose Of No Mans Land
The Russians Were Rushin' The Yanks Started Yankin'
There's A Lump Of Sugar Down In Dixie
Three Wonderful Letters From Home
Till We Meet Again
We Want Our Daddy Dear, Back Home (Hello Central, Give Me France)
Wee, Wee, Marie Will Yo Do Zis For Me
Welcome Home
When You Look In The Heart Of A Rose

YEAR 1919
While You're Away Pack Up Your Cares in a Bundle of Joy 1918
You'll Always Find A Lot Of Sunshine In My Old Kentucky Home 1918
Anything Is Nice If It Comes From Dixie
Beautiful Girl
Bo La Bo
Bright Eyes I Love You So
Bring Back Those Wonderful Days
Broken Blossoms
Bubbling Over Life Is Bubbling Over All The Time
Carolina Sunshine
Dear Heart
Dixie Lulluaby
Dreaming Alone In The Twilight
Dreams Just Dreams
Everybody Wants A Key To My Cellar
Golden Gate
Hand In Hand Again
Heart Aches
I Don't Want A Doctor All I Want Is A Beautiful Girl
I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome
I Wonder
I’m A Dreamer That’s Chasing Bubbles
I'll Be Happy When The Preacher Makes You Mine
I'm Going To Settle Down, Outside Of London Town (When I'm Dry, Dry Dry)
I've Lived, I've Loved, I'm Satisfied
In Siam
Just As We As We Used To
Just For Me And Mary ('Twas A Beautiful Wedding Day)
Just Like A Gipsy
Love Me All The Time
My Baby's Arms
My Laddie
Nobody Knows And Nobody Seems To Care
Oh What A Pal Was Mary
Shadows Will Fade Away
Slow And Easy
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz
Take Your Girlie To The Movies (If You Can't Make Love At Home)
That's Worth Waiting For
The Red Lattern
The Vamp
There's A Lot Of Blue Eyed Marys Down In Maryland
They Called It The Dixie Blues
Venetian Moon
What Do You Mean By Loving Somebody Else Whe Your Love Belongs To Me
When I Hear A Dreamy Waltz
When My Baby Smiles
When The Bees Make Honey Down In Sunny Alabam'
When The Sunbeams Are Kissing The Roses I'll Go Back To My Sweet Irish Rose
You Know What I Mean
You'd Be Surprised
You're A Million Miles From Nowhere (When You're One Little Mile From Home)
You're Making A Miser Of Me

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